Public Works

The Craig Public Works Department is committed to providing a high quality and level of services to the residents of our community.This includes street maintenance, repair, grading, snow removal, storm drain systems, street signs; used oil disposal from harbors and city equipment; fleet maintenance; a safe and dependable supply of water; a safe, clean and reliable system for the collection, treatment and discharge of wastewater; dependable refuse collection services to community residents; and construction and maintenance of municipal building, parks, trails and recreational facilities.

The Craig Public Works Department is ready to meet your public works needs.

Public Works Department

Monday Friday 7AM 4PM

Public Works Director (vacant)

Phone (907)826-3405

Fax (907)826-3410



Water Department

Les Nelson

Phone: 826-3406



Sewer Department

Jose Cervera

Phone/Fax: 826-2192



Garbage Department

Provides refuse collection Monday,

Wednesday, Friday 7AM 4 PM

Water/Sewer/Garbage Application and Service Change Forms
City of Craig PO Box 725 Craig, AK 99921 * 907-826-3275 * 907-826-3278 (fax)